Congress Topics

Contributions can also be submitted to the Congress Topics. These contributions will be organised in so-called regular sessions.


TO01: Artificial intelligence and expert systems

TO02: CAD, CAM and CAE

TO03: Computational adaptive materials systems, structures and smart materials

TO04: Computational advances in composite machining

TO05: Computational aero-acoustics

TO06: Computational atomistics simulations

TO07: Computational biomechanics

TO08: Computational damage mechanics

TO09: Computational dynamic failure and fracture

TO10: Computational engineering sciences and physics

TO11: Computational environmental science

TO12: Computational fluid mechanics

TO13: Computational geomechanics

TO14: Computational ice mechanics

TO15: Computational infrastructures and aging structures

TO16: Computational inverse problems and optimization

TO17: Computational materials science

TO18: Computational MEMS and Bbio-MEMS

TO19: Computational methods in the life sciences

TO20: Computational microtribology and micromechanics

TO21: Computational nanotechnology

TO22: Computational NDE and wave propagation

TO23: Computational nonlinear dynamics

TO24: Computational polymers and polymer composites

TO25: Computational solid and structural mechanics

TO26: Computer simulation of processes and manufacturing

TO27: Data and signal processing

TO28: Design optimization techniques that require extensive CFD and coupling/linkage methods

TO29: Grid generation for CFD and geometry definition for complex configurations

TO30: High-order methods

TO31: High-speed and chemically reacting flows

TO32: Interdisciplinary methods including CFD (flow control, fluid-structure interaction, fluid-thermal interaction, etc.)

TO33: Lagrangian and vortex methods

TO34: Large eddy simulation (LES), direct numerical simulation (DNS) and hybrid RANS/LES methods

TO35: Meshless and wavelet methods

TO36: Multi-phase flows

TO37: Multiple-scale physics and computation

TO38: Numerical algorithms for bio-fluid dynamics

TO39: Numerical algorithms for inviscid and viscous flows

TO40: Numerical algorithms for continuum approaches (finite-volume, finite differences, etc.)

TO41: Numerical algorithms for particle methods (lattice- Boltzmann, direct simulation Monte Carlo, etc.)

TO42: Numerical combustion

TO43: Numerical methods and convergence acceleration in CFD

TO44: Numerical treatment of boundary conditions

TO45: Parallel computing

TO46: Particle finite element method

TO47: Reynolds averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) models of turbulence

TO48: Scientific visualization, data mining and simulation data analysis techniques

TO49: Solution adaptive grid techniques

TO50: Uncertainty and stochastic analysis

TO51: Uncertainty propagation methods for CFD

TO52: Unsteady flow computation