MS604 Time integration methods for quasi-statical and dynamical processes

undefinedS. Hartmann1, P. Betsch2
1Clausthal University of Technology/DE, 2University of Siegen/DE


The numerical treatment of dynamical and instationary problems requires highly efficient, accurate, and stable integration schemes. Typically either ordinary differential equations (ODEs) or differential-algebraic equations (DAEs) need to be integrated numerically. The mini-symposium will focus on the numerical integration of ODEs and DAEs arising from applications in nonlinear solid mechanics. For example, the discretization in space of the partial differential equations (PDEs) governing the equilibrium of solids leads to semi-discrete equations in the form of ODEs or DAEs, depending on the constitutive model applied. Of course, this is also true for the dynamical extension of these problems. Similarly, the description of (flexible) multibody dynamics yields ODEs or DAEs as well. The following topics are of special interest to the mini-symposium:


The methods in mind should be based on one-step and multi-step methods, or weak discretization schemes such as continuous and discontinuous Galerkin methods.


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