MS635 The stochastic finite element method: recent advances

undefinedG. Stefanou, M. Papadrakakis
National Technical University of Athens/GR


A powerful tool in computational stochastic mechanics is the Stochastic Finite Element Method (SFEM). SFEM is an extension of the classical deterministic FE approach to the stochastic framework i.e. to the solution of stochastic problems whose (material and geometric) properties are random with the FE method. The considerable attention that SFEM received over the last two decades can be mainly attributed to the understanding of the significant influence of the inherent uncertainties on systems behavior and to the dramatic increase of the computational power in recent years, rendering possible the efficient treatment of large-scale problems with uncertainties. Although many existing SFEM variants treat successfully a wide range of problems, there are still several challenges posed by problems involving strong nonlinearities, large variations of system properties and/or time-dependence.


This Mini-Symposium aims at presenting recent advances in the field of SFEM. In this respect, topics of interest include but are not limited to:




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