MS211 The ERCOFTAC knowledge base wiki – New test cases for establishing quality and trust in CFD

undefinedW. Rodi
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology - KIT/DE


In the EU-Network Project QNET-CFD a Knowledge Base was established providing experimental and computed information on a wide range of flows and guidelines for solving the individual flow problems. Knowledge was collected for two types of flows: one type were Application Challenges (AC
‘s) for individual industrial sectors representing flows close to those occuring in practice. These flows are generally complex systems containing certain Underlying Flow Regimes (UFR’s), the second type representing more generic flows for which much more detailed experimental data are available as well as better resolved numerical calculations. After the termination of the EU project, the Knowledge Base was taken over by ERCOFTAC (European Research Community on Flow, Turbulence and Combustion) and turned into an interactive Wiki available to the Fluid Mechanics Communities through the Internet. At that stage the Wiki contained about 70 test cases, but in the meantime a number of new test cases have been added, and it is the main purpose of the proposed Mini-Symposium to introduce and present some of the new test cases (AC’s and UFR’s) to the participants of the conference. It is planned to have one session with six contributions. In the first contribution, in my capacity as Knowledge Base Editor I will give an introduction to and an overview over the entire ERCOFTAC Knowledge Base Wiki, and in the following five contributions the authors of the new test-case contributons will present the main content of their AC or UFR available in the Wiki. The presentations at the conference will be mainly online demonstrations of the Wiki content.



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