MS653 Scattering problems for quantum, electromagnetic, and acoustic waveguides

undefinedL.M. Baskin1, P. Neittaanmäki2, B.A. Plamenevskii3
1Sankt-Petersberg State University of Telecommunications/RU, 2University of Jyväskylä/FI, 3St.Petersburg State University/RU


We plan to include into the Minisymposium (among others) talks devoted to:

  1. new methods for computing waveguides scattering matrices; 
  2. asymptotic and numerical studies of electron resonant tunneling in quantum waveguides of variable cross-section; 
  3. a new method of electron flow spin-polarization in quantum waveguide of variable cross-section in magnetic field, asymptotic and numerical studies of the method; 
  4. scattering problems for Maxwell system in nonhomogeneous waveguides (with several outlets to infinity, variable parameters, etc.); 
  5. some applications to nano- and microelectronics and some other problems.



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