STS02 Reporting the VKI lecture series on optimization methods and tools for multiphysics design in aeronautics and turbomachinery

undefinedJ. Periaux1, 2T. Verstreate



Innovative optimization and design techniques for modern aircraft (manned or UAV/UCAV) and engine systems aiming at maximum performance in a multidisciplinary context (aerodynamic efficiency, safety, drag, losses, weight, strength, heat fluxes, emission, noise,…), are now rapidly moving
from research labs to industrial real and virtual platforms. To reach this level of excellence, emergent optimization methodologies require more and more robust and efficient associated software for a daily use in industrial collaborative design environments. This STS VKI LS report intends to provide the audience basic concepts and tools behind this technology, both in single discipline (single point or multi point design) and multidisciplinary (fluid-structure interaction, fluid-acoustics, conjugate heat transfer, …) context.

Optimization methods which will be reported include: adjoint methods, one shot or goal oriented methods, evolutionary/differential evolution algorithms on parallel environments, game strategies like Pareto Fronts and Nash Equilibrium, surrogate and meta models(Radial Basis functions, Artificial Neural Networks, Kriging …), multi fidelity modeling approaches, robust design.

The content of this Special Technology Session is oriented towards junior and experienced engineers and researchers involved in the field of multi disciplinary design and looking for innovative numerical solutions - or set of solutions- for complex multi criteria optimization problems.


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