MS664 Recent advances in boundary element and meshless methods

undefinedC. Zhang1, V. Sladek2
1University of Siegen/DE, 2Slovak Academy of Sciences/SK


The Mini-Symposium "Recent Advances in Boundary Element and Meshless Methods" is organized in honor of Professor Jan Sladek, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia. Professor Jan Sladek is working on boundary element method (BEM) and meshless methods for many years and he has made many significant contributions to Computational Mechanics especially to BEM and meshless methods. He is very active in research and scientific community. On the occasion of his 60th birthday in August 2012, we are very pleased to organize this Mini-Symposium to honor his scientific contributions over the past years. The main aim of the Mini-Symposium is to bring experienced researchers from different scientific disciplines together to discuss recent advances in BEM and meshless methods. All scientific topics related to novel theory and applications of BEM and meshless methods are welcome.


Special interests of the Mini-Symposium:

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