MS113 Numerical simulation of microstructures

undefinedK. Sab1, S. Forest2
1Ecole des Ponts ParisTech/FR, 2Ecole des Mines Paris/FR


Numerical simulation of microstructures has made considerable progress thanks to both the tremendous increase of available computational power and the emergence of new and/or improved algorithms. While limited a few years ago to idealized model microstructures, with simplified, often linear, constitutive relations, full-field micromechanical numerical simulations are now able to address complex random microstructures with highly nonlinear, time- and size-dependent properties of real materials. These recent evolutions tend to bring together experimental and numerical micromechanics as both are now able to speak the same language of complex microstructures and mechanical fields, and the time for a real convergence of these traditionally separated worlds has come, for an improved knowledge of local mechanisms and interactions in complex materials, and really predictive description of their behaviour.


The aim of this mini-symposium is to bring together researchers working on numerical simulation of random microstructures using Fast Fourier Transform Methods, Finite Element Methods, Grid Methods, Finite Difference Methods, Finite Volume Methods, Lattice Methods,... The intention here is to cover essentially all these aspects of material numerical modelling. This will provide the opportunity for interaction among and exchange between scientists working on different materials such as metals and alloys, composites, geomaterials (concrete, rocks, masonry, ...), biomaterials, wood, .... with different methods who otherwise would not come into contact with each other.


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