MS400 Numerical methods for surface PDEs

A. Demlow1, undefinedM. Olshanskii2, A. Reusken3
1University of Kentucky/US, 2Moscow State University M.V.Lomonosov/RU, 3RWTH, Aachen/DE


Partial differential equations posed on surfaces arise in mathematical models for many physical processes, e.g. diffusion along grain boundaries, lipid interactions in biomembranes, and transport of surfactants on multiphase flow interfaces. In recent years there has been a significant increase of interest in developing and analyzing numerical methods for the solution of PDEs on surfaces. The range of the problems of particular interest includes equations posed on stationary or evolving surfaces, surfaces traced explicitly or defined implicitly as the zero of level set functions. The minisymposium brings together researchers working on development, analysis, and application of numerical methods for surface PDEs.


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