MS661 Numerical methods and applications of multi-physics in biomechanical modeling

undefinedC. Michler1, D. Nordsletten1, C.A. Figueroa1, Y. Bazilevs2, A. Quarteroni3
1King's College London/UK, 2University of California, San Diego/US, 3Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausane/CH


This mini-symposium focuses on the latest numerical methods and applications of modeling biomechanical phenomena occuring in the human body. Encompassing a large range of physical phenomena, this symposium will focus on gathering top researchers investigating applications and techniques for cardiovascular blood flow and lung flow modeling. These research areas have experienced a boom in activity fostering the creation of many numerical techniques for biomechanics – from multi-scale flow modeling, fluid-solid coupling, discretization schemes, efficient solution techniques and new multi-physics paradigms. The diversity in techniques reflects the differing demands seen for the many applications within cardiopulmonary modeling including: aneurysm modeling, valvular modeling, large / small scale flow modeling, hemodynamics and tissue modeling, poroelasticity as applied to cardiac perfusion and lung flow modeling, transport of drugs and imaging agents as well as the modeling of medical devices.


This mini-symposium aims to foster engagement across areas of application to exchange ideas and identify novel applications of new techniques to challenging biomechanical modeling problems. Further, this symposium aims to identify the key challenges across the field and facilitate discussion towards their resolution.


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