MS208 New trends in numerical methods for multi-material compressible fluid flows

A. Barlow1, undefinedR. Loubere2, P.-H. Maire3, R.N. Rieben4, M. Shashkov5
1AWE/UK, 2Institut de Mathematiques de Toulouse/FR, 3CEA-CESTA/FR, 4LLNL/US, 5LANL/US


This minisymposium will focus on state-of-the-art simulations of mulitmaterial fluid flows and solid mechanics. It will include relevant numerical methods, analysis of these methods, and new and
standard application areas such as those relevant to new sources of energy such as inertial confinement fusion.

Topics to be covered include mathematical, numerical and physical aspects of, Lagrangian numerical schemes, arbitrary lagrangian eulerian (ALE) and adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) methods, eulerian
methods, material interface modeling, slide line, elasto-plasticity modeling, multiphase flow and multiscale simulations.



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