MS601 New product development by the synthesis of computational and experimental methods

undefinedG. Hofstetter1, R. Hinterhölzl2
1University of Innsbruck/AT, 2Technical University Munich/DE


Typical development stages for a new product include the formulation of a design solution, the generation of a computer model of the new product, numerical simulations of the structural behaviour due to expected load and environment histories and the construction of prototypes on a subcomponent or full scale level. Comparisons of the predicted behavior with the actual behavior of the prototypes serve as the basis for modifying the original design to achieve the desired performance, i.e. the synthesis of computational modeling and testing will allow the validation of the design. In several cases also the manufacturing process is simulated and compared with manufacturing tests in order to get a more realistic basis for the simulation of the material and structural behavior and to develop robust manufacturing processes.


In this mini-symposium contributions are welcome which highlight the synthesis of the development and the application of novel computational methods and innovative experimental techniques in new product development.


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