MS107 Multiscale modelling of materials and structures

undefinedT.S. Burczynski1, J. Fish2, M. Pietrzyk3
1Silesian University of Technology/PL, 2Columbia University/US, 3Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza/PL



Numerical modelling of behaviour of materials and structures under conditions of processing, manufacturing and exploitation is widely used in industry and research. The Finite Element Method (FEM) and alternative methods are commonly used to create a complex description of a particular deformation, thermomechanical or heat treatment processes. Applications of these methods are large, from modelling of simple processes to modelling the highly complex behaviour of entire structures (e.g. aeroplanes, buildings, implants). FE models are often combined with computational methods, such as Homogenization Method (HM), Monte Carlo (MC), Cellular Automata (CA), Molecular Dynamics (MD), etc to handle events that occur at the micro and nano scales. These models replicate phenomena, that take place in the material in different length and time scales. The potential for complex analysis of behaviour of materials and structures, including modelling of discontinuities and stochastic processes, is created. The objective of the minisymposium is to gather researchers working on various aspects of modelling of phenomena occurring in materials at various scales, from nano through micro and mezo to macro scale, and to enable exchange of experience.


The contributions in the following areas are invited:


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