MS102 Multiscale computational homogenization for bridging scales in the mechanics and physics of complex materials

undefinedJ. Yvonnet1, M. Geers2, K. Terada3, P. Wriggers4
1Université Paris-Est/FR, 2Eindhoven University of Technology/NL, 3Tohoku University/JP, 4Leibniz Universität Hannover/DE



Multiscale computational homogenization methods refer to a class of numerical techniques for determining the effective behavior of complex and highly heterogeneous materials, and for computing the response of structures composed of these materials. The main added value of computational homogenization consists in surpassing limitations of analytical approaches, e.g. incorporating realistic multi-phase morphologies and complex nonlinear material behavior.


This minisymposium focus on the developments and applications of multiscale computational homogenization methods, including all pending challenges in this area. The topics covered include (but not limited to):


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