MS600 Multiscale and multiphysics modelling in bone mechanobiology (3MBM)

undefinedR. Hambli1, R. Muller2, B. van Rietbergen3
1PRISME Institute/FR, 2Institute for Biomechanics/CH, 3Eindhoven University of Technology/NL


Bone adaptation during skeletal growth and development continuously adjusts skeletal mass and architecture to changing mechanical environments. Such adaptation is crucial for its functioning in both physiological and pathological conditions.


Bone is a hierarchically organized material which undergoes mechanical, biological and chemical activities. All these aspects require the application of advanced techniques in modelling: multiphysics models based on biophysical mechanisms and multiscale models that link different levels and times.

The program of this symposium is to collect contributions from different communities working on bone modeling field.


Specific topics of interest in 3MBM Minisymposium include:


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