MS622 Multiscale and multiphysics modelling for complex materials

undefinedT. Sadowski1, P. Trovalusci2, R. de Borst3, B. Schrefler4
1Lublin University of Technology/PL, 2University of Roma “La Sapienza”/IT, 3Eindhoven University of Technology/NL, 4Universita' degli Studi di Padova/IT


This symposium will provide a forum to present and debate multiscale and multiphysics methodologies for studying the behaviour of complex materials.

The goal is to bring together researchers (engineers, physicists, mathematicians) specializing in multiscale and multiphysics modelling and simulation of complex materials. Mechanics
will play a central role, but the focus will be set on those problems where mechanics is highly coupled with other concurrent physical phenomena. In this framework, the interest and suitability of multiscale strategies will be highlighted.

This symposium is intended to be a computational-oriented follow-up of the successful MCM symposia previously held in Vancouver (2006), Berlin (2009) and Paris (2010). The focus
will be set on computational issues, while still highlighting the underlying conceptual and theoretical basis.

With these aims in mind, contributions from all aspects of engineering applications, with particular attention to structural engineering applications, will be considered. Topics of applications will include (but not be limited to):

Materials with micro(/nano)-structure


Complex material behaviour


Computational Methods



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