MS126 Modelling of advanced composites and functionally graded materials: material microstructure, properties and behavior under service conditions

undefinedM. Basista1, G. Bolzon2, R. Müller3
1Institute of Fundamental Technological Research/PL, 2Politecnico di Milano/IT, 3Technische Universität Kaiserslautern/DE


Advanced engineering materials such as metal-ceramic composites and polymer matrix composites are playing a steadily increasing role in many sectors of industry including transport, energy, biomedicine and electronics. This is due to their enhanced mechanical and physical properties such as high mechanical strength, resistance to frictional wear, resistance to high temperature and rapid temperature changes (MMC, CMC), low specific weight, resistance to corrosion and erosion (PMC). In addition these materials can also be tailored to acquire different functionalities, e.g. electric or thermal conductivity, specific magnetic properties and alike.


The desired material characteristics may be achieved by a proper design of micromechanical details and verified on a numerical prototype of the final component, ahead of its production and experimental validation. On the other hand, materials may be better exploited by the understanding of the phenomena occurring at the microscale.


Research communications are then sought on numerical modelling and simulations of the following topics: phenomenological, micromechancial and multiscale models of material behaviour under thermomechanical loadings and/or chemically corrosive environments, modeling of interfaces and their influence on materials performance, modeling of effective elastic and thermal properties with account of real material microstructure (e.g. from microCT), modelling of damage and fracture (with emphasis on relevant toughening mechanisms), modelling of creep and fatigue, modelling of wear and oxidation, prediction of thermal residual stresses due to processing, material design by modelling to obtain required macroscopic properties (e.g. modelling of FGM’s profiles), modelling of manufacturing processes (e.g. sintering, infiltration).


This minisymposium will be focused on modelling of bulk metal-, ceramic- and polymer-matrix composites (MMC, CMC, PMC), infiltrated metal-ceramic composites (IPC), functionally graded materials (FGM) and composite coatings, with reinforcement in form of e.g. micro and nanoparticles, fibers or interpenetrating metal networks in porous ceramic preforms.


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