MS603 Modeling of fiber-based structures (textiles and textile reinforced composites)

undefinedY. Kyosev1, P. Boisse2, D. Durville3, R. Roesch4
1Hochschule Niederrhein - University of Applied Sciences/DE, 2Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon/FR, 3Ecole Centrale Paris/FR, 4Fraunhofer-Institut für Techno- und Wirtschaftsmathematik (ITWM)/DE


Textiles are fiber-based structures. The modern textile reinforcement composites are based on fiber-based structures, too. The modeling of these structures was based early mainly on geometrical methods or using simple models based on the analytical mechanics. During the last time significant results are achieved using the computational mechanics, inkl. FEM. The most problems during modeling are in the combination of the following typical parameters of the structures:


The goal of the symposium is to connect the people, using computational mechanics to model the fiber - based structures and the problems of their engineering design. Further the goal is to demonstrate the open problems to the people of the computational mechanics and mathematics and to allow broad discussions and possibilities for new cooperation between research teams.


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