MS636 Meshless and related methods

undefinedJ. Orkisz1, P. Villon2, S. Idelsohn3, S. De4
1Cracow University of Technology/PL, 2Universite de Technologie de Compiegne/FR, 3Universidad Politecnica de Cataluña/ES, 4Department of Mechanical, Aerospace and Nuclear Engineering/US


The broad topics of interest of the "meshless and related methods" minisymposium include fundamental developments, algorithms, assessment of current and new techniques, related methods and a variety of applications/developments to include static/steady and transient/dynamic time dependent formulations.


In particular:


Papers involving all aspects of meshless methods (MM) of various types (including particle methods) would be welcome. Expected are papers presenting wide range of applications of the MM, demonstrating their maturity as well as current and potential power in analysis of complex problems emerging in engineering practice. Successful discussions providing answers to the problems mentioned here, would be one of the most important objectives of this special session.



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