MS501 Mesh generation and adaptation for industrial applications

undefinedF. Alauzet1, A. Loiselle1 


Mesh generation  remains a critical step in every industrial computational pipeline. Despite many efforts to avoid this step, a broad set of applications in CFD, CSD critically depends on mesh generators. This trend is driven by the increasing complexity of the geometries (CAD) and of the physical models  that both push standard mesh generation methods (Delaunay/Frontal/Modified octree...) to their limits. The purpose of this symposium is to give an up-to-date picture of all the meshing tasks issued from industrial problematics. Emphasis on algorithms and methodologies involved in grid generators are expected. A particular interest is also to describe the current challenges related to this area. Contributions related to :Generation of 3D and surface high-order curved meshes for complex geometries, Anisotropic remeshing, Moving geometries, Boundary layer mesh generation, Automatic methods to generate tailored meshes: Co-Volume, cartesian cores, ...Mesh generation in a HPC environment, are strongly encouraged. 


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