MS609 Mechanics of thin films and membranes

undefinedA. Eriksson
Royal Institute of Technology/SE


Thin films and membranes are important in many biological as well as engineering contexts: cells, air bags and solar sails just to mention a few. The mechanical behavior of the thin structures is complex, with instabilities and multi-physical aspects, considering temperature, electric or chemical responses. The mechanical responses in the thin membranes can for some cases be analytically derived, given a simple geometry. The numerical modelling can be based on either shell-type elements (with suitable restrictions, in order to take, e.g., the low bending stiffness into account), or (under some assumptions) pure membrane elements. The loading situation, with, e.g., pressure loads is also complex, in particular when the dynamics of the loading medium should be taken into account, or when the behavior needs to be seen as a function of ambient conditions.

The proposed mini-sympsoium aims at bringing together researchers interested in different aspects of thin films and membranes, and the mechanical responses of such structures to a wide variety of loadings and multi-physical ambient conditions. Analytical and numerical treatments of such phenomena and responses are equally welcome.


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