MS628 Mechanics of moving materials, dynamics and stability

N. Banichuk1, P. Neittaanmäki2, J. Jeronen2, undefinedT. Saksa2, T. Tuovinen2
1Russian Academy of Sciences/RU, 2University of Jyväskylä/FI


This field has been studied for over a hundred years, but still there are a great number of challenging mathematical and physical problems. The research groups devoted to the subject are active, and lots of papers have been published during the recent years. One main reason for this is the new potential of numerical analysis and computing for demanding coupled-field problems. We have included presentations especially from the area of fluid-structure interactions. This area has great importance in supporting the studies of moving web dynamics in paper and board mills, and developing its applications. Finally, fluid-structure interaction is also applicable to a great number of other industrial web handling processes.



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