MS656 Inverse problems

B. Guzina1, undefinedM. Bonnet2
1University of Minnesota/US, 2ENSTA/FR


The theory and applications of inverse problems have long made a silent imprint in science and engineering as a critical tool in establishing the link between the model and observations. In recent times, however, inverse problems have in many disciplines taken the center stage - a trend spurred not only by the advances in sensor technologies, wireless communications, and signal processing, but also by the necessity to obtain physically relevant parameters and input for computational models with ever-growing complexity and sophistication. Examples of such disciplines include seismic and medical imaging, non-destructive material characterization, and structural health monitoring. In this spirit, our minisymposium aims to foster the exchange of new ideas by gathering the state-of-the-art developments pertaining to inverse problems and computational mechanics. It aims to include, but is not limited to, the computational and mathematical treatment of problems such as

Prospective authors are encouraged to submit papers that emphasize either i) the development of new techniques for solving inverse problems, or ii) the use of existing techniques toward the solution of challenging real-life applications.

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