MS123 Innovative numerical approaches for multi-physics problems

undefinedA. Pandolfi1, K. Weinberg2, L. Stainier3
1Politecnico di Milano/IT, 2Universitat Siegen/DE, 3Ecole Centrale de Nantes/FR


The focus of the minisymposium is on novel computational approaches for the analysis of multiphysics problems. Advanced applications in the field of mechanics typically involve the solution of coupled problems. In particular, we are thinking of problems coupling temperature, diffusion or electro-magnetic fields with mechanical applications. Although, from the engineering point of view, we are interested mainly in problems and in their solutions, in this minisymposium we would like to collect researchers that are developing methods for the analysis of advanced coupled problems and that are willing to share their ideas and their experience with others. In particular, we would like to assess the efficiency of innovative or alternative discretization methods with respect to the classic finite element approaches.


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