MS118 Image based modeling of heterogeneous materials

undefinedP. Cartraud1, G. Laschet2, N. Takano3
1Ecole Centrale Nantes - GeM/FR, 2ACCESS e.V., Aachen University of Technology/DE, 3Keio University/JP


Numerous techniques are available for obtaining high resolution 3D images of material microstructures, e.g. computer tomography, scanning electron microscopy, magnetic resonance imaging. These techniques provide a very accurate representation of heterogeneous materials with complex microstructure but lead to a large amount of data. Incorporating microstructure information in numerical models and developing efficient computational methods represent challenges in multi-scale analysis of heterogeneous materials. The aim of this mini-symposium is to present novel developments and discuss recent advances on image based modeling in computational mechanics of materials, including following aspects:


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