MS301 High-order methods for hyperbolic problems

undefinedC. Parés1, S. Mishra2
1University of Málaga/ES, 2ETH Zürich/CH


Hyperbolic PDEs model a wide variety of phenomena in Physics
and Engineering ranging from shallow flows in oceanography to gas dynamics in aerospace engineering to supernova simulations in astrophysics. A robust numerical method to simulate such complex problems is need to be stable, accurate and efficient on the state of the art computing architectures like massively parallel clusters and GPUs. Very high-order methods like ENO and WENO finite volume methods, Discontinuous (DG) methods and Residual distribution schemes are imminently suitable for such requirements.

The proposed minisymposium will seek to assemble the leading experts in the field to present the latest methods, compare them and discuss new avenues of research. We will also invite some young scientists (PhD students and Postdocs) to present their results and interact with leading experts. The main goal of the mini-symposium would be to stimulate interesting new ideas for future research.



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