MS625 High order fictitious domain methods: basic principles and engineering applications

undefinedA. Düster1, J. Parvizian2, E. Rank3
1TU Hamburg-Harburg/DE, 2Isfahan University of Technology/IR, 3TU München/DE


Already, in the early days of the FEM, fictitious domain methods were introduced as alternative approaches to avoid the necessity of exactly meshing a domain of computation. Since then, many variants of these appealing approaches have been suggested, like embedded domain, immersed boundary methods or special implementations of the extended Finite Element Method. During the past few years, combinations of fictitious domain and high order or isogeometric element methods have been proposed, promising high accuracy and flexibility in handling complex geometries.


This minisymposium will specifically focus on this new generation of fictitious domain methods and discuss questions ranging from accuracy and robustness to convergence properties, implementation issues, integration with CAD and geometric modeling or engineering applications in solid and fluid mechanics.



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