MS105 Heterogeneties and uncertainties in inelastic materials

undefinedA. Ibrahimbegovic1, H.G. Matthies2
1ENS-Cachan/FR, 2Braunschweig University/DE


We seek to address the computational models for the behavior of materials that are of a heterogeneous composition, with heterogeneities being present at different scales. Often also the inelastic behaviour is initiated and further propagation influenced by processes at small scales, sometimes beyond the possibility of overall computational resolution. But as these influences from disparate scales are present, they have to be modelled and taken into account computationally. Often, heterogeneities at small scales come together with uncertainty about their actual composition and behaviour, and classical homogenisation approaches can be seen as a first step at modelling this for the “average” response.


This minisymposium is intended to give a state-of-the-art overview on computational and theoretical approaches directed at the problems mentioned above.


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