MS606 Fluid dynamics of compressible flows of substances governed by complex thermodynamic models

undefinedA. Guardone
Politecnico di Milano/IT


In most engineering applications, the study of the gasdynamics of a compressible fluid is usually tied to the assumption of gas ideality. The dilute ideal gas model is the paradigm of most fluid dynamics problems, ranging from the analysis of the flow-field around transonic-cruise aircrafts or turbomachinery design. As it is well known, however, the ideal gas approximation reveals its limits if pressures and temperatures of the order of magnitude of their liquid-vapor critical point values are
encountered, that is, near the liquid-vapor saturation curve where e.g. cavitation or critical point phenomena may be observed. Complex thermodynamic models are required to describe accurately the fluid properties in these kind of flows, which are usually referred to as real-gas flows.

The goal of the Mini-Symposium is to bring together international experts in real-gas flows to discuss recent development and future challenge in real-gas compressible flows of substances described by complex thermodynamic models.

Contributions are welcome on real-gas CFD and theoretical results, the coupling of complex thermodynamic models to CFD software or reduced-order models, computational efficiency of thermodynamic models for CFD, validation of CFD & thermodynamic models in real-gas flows, design in real-gas operating conditions.

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