MS207 Flow control by electromagnetic effects

V. Costa1, undefinedA. Sousa1, P. Vasseur2, I. Pop3
1Universidade de Aveiro/PT, 2Université de Montréal/CA, 3Bolyai University/RO


Magnetic fields can be advantageously used to control fluid flow, and in particular to control natural or mixed convection flows, and thus to control also heat transfer taking place in systems where natural or mixed convection takes place. Magnetic field can be imposed, or it can be induced by flowing electric currents.


Two cases can be identified, namely those where the fluid medium is an electric conductor, and when the fluid is not an electric conductor but has some magnetic susceptibility. Magnetic fields are thus a useful way to control flow and heat transfer in many systems, and the magnetic, fluid and energy parts of the problems are linked and need to be considered and solved together, the problems being magneto-hydro-energy-dynamic problems.


The main purpose of the mini-symposium is to join together people interested on the subject of modeling and numerical simulation of magnetic-hydro-energy-dynamic problems, and to give them contact with the last developments, frontiers, and directions on the subject.



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