MS657 Fast boundary element methods: analysis, numerics and applications

M. Bonnet1, A. Frangi2, undefinedM. Schanz3, O. Steinbach3
1ENSTA/FR, 2Politecnico di Milano/IT, 3Graz University of Technology/AT


This symposium aims at discussing recent progresses in the development of accelerated solvers for boundary integral equations using boundary element methods (BEM), e.g., based on the fast multipole method (FMM) or adaptive cross approximation (ACA), and their applications to large-scale computations.

The FMM, developed more than 20 years ago in its original form (Greengard, Rokhlin et al. 1987, 1997) based on spherical and solid harmonics expansions, is still undergoing many improvements,
transformations and extensions. In addition, several so-called kernel independent methods have more recently been created. They typically do not require the application of known analytical expansions, sometimes by working on the matrix itself (ACA), and are applicable to a wide range of kernels. This has given rise to a new generation of fast methods along
with new applications.

Topics will be organized around three groups of papers:
1. BEM and applications,
2. FMM,
3. Other fast BEM solvers and fast dense matrix solvers based on low-rank approximations.



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