MS637 Error estimation and adaptive mesh generation

undefinedK.G. van der Zee1, S. Perotto2, E.H. van Brummelen1, S. Prudhomme3
1Technische Universiteit Eindhoven/NL, 2Politecnico di Milano/IT, 3The University of Texas at Austin/US


A recurrent trend in computational science and engineering is that problems become larger and larger in scale and mathematical models more complex. This requires numerical strategies that can guarantee a reduction of computational costs without affecting the accuracy of the numerical solutions. For this purpose, adaptive meshing is an already acknowledged tool, enhancing the accuracy of the solution via a control of the mesh. The effort over the last years has been essentially addressed to devising suitable mesh adaptation procedures, both heuristic (driven by geometric information) and theoretical (based on error estimators and refinement indicators). This Mini-symposium aims at overviewing the state of the art as well as at presenting the most recent developments in adaptive mesh generation, in particular with an emphasis on techniques driven by suitable error estimators. We anticipate contributions on:




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