MS104 Damage to fracture strategies, elasto-plastic crack initiation and propagation

undefinedH. Minnebo1, S. Feld-Payet2, V. Chiaruttini2, P.-O. Bouchard3
1Cenaero/BE, 2ONERA/FR, 3Mines ParisTech, CEMEF/FR


Cost reduction of new industrial products implies weight and shape optimization. For other products, such as large parts of existing power plants, it can be relevant to extend the predefined lifespan. Both approaches require the improvement of the knowledge of the phenomena that can occur during the lifetime of those products, including the failure process, which is generally modelled using two different approaches:


However, the bridge between those two parts of a same problem, which is the assessment of the total life of a part, is still difficult to realize. The transition between continuous damage growth and fracture initiation followed by propagation gives rise to both mechanical and numerical issues.


This mini-symposium tends to gather contributions on damage modelling, fracture mechanics (linear elastic, elasto-plastic), methods to combine both approaches, crack initiation and propagation (cohesive zone models, domain integrals, energetic approaches).


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