MS658 Computational modelling of tire, pavement and interaction phenomena

undefinedM. Kaliske1, M. Oeser2, R. Blab3, J. Füssl3
1Dresden University of Technology/DE, 2RWTH Aachen/DE, 3Vienna University of Technology/AT 


In the scientific literature, no complex three-dimensional and coupled models for tire-pavement-systems have been reported so far. Usually, one of the components, either pave­ment or tire, is strongly simplified. Thus, the outcome of such models is limited according to the modelling constraints.


Nevertheless, in order to pursue the final goal, to study tyre-pavement interaction phenomea, this mini-symposium will address not only the combined system but also the two subsystems separately and in depth in order to obtain a deeper insight into the mechanisms governing the structural behaviour of pavements and tyres. Thus, this mini-symposium is open for modelling of tires, pavements as well as combined approaches considering both subsystems in one model. Issues such as the computational modelling of

shall be addressed in the minisymposium. In addition, the symposium will also deal with computational aspects concerning new experimental strategies such as the model-aided characterization of tire and pavement materials.


With the proposed minisymposium, issues may be identified and resolved that prevent an optimal design of pavements and tires. Subsequently, a realistic sensitivity study for both subsystems leading to the relevant influence factors may be achieved. Based on the research presented at the minisymposium, an improved structural under­standing of the mechanics of coupled tyre-pavement system will be developed which, in turn, will provide a deeper insight into the mechanical behaviour of the various components of the systems.


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