MS648 Computational micromechanics of wood and cellulose-fibre based materials

undefinedK. de Borst1, E.K. Gamstedt2
1Vienna University of Technology/AT, 2Uppsala University/SE


This minisymposium will provide a forum to present and debate recent applications of computational micromechanics to wood, paper, and board. It aims at bringing together researchers from various disciplines, such as wood and paper science, engineering, physics, and chemistry, working on the mechanical characterization and simulation of these composite materials. The symposium is intended to give an overview of our current understanding of wood and paper micromechanics from the molecular to the macroscopic scale and of the manifold approaches to link observations at different length scales. Contributions on combined computational and experimental approaches, reflecting the need for comprehensive microstructural information in microscale/multiscale modelling, are also welcome.


Topics of interest include (but are not limited to)

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