MS106 Computational methods in an analysis of structures safety

J. Malachowski1, T. undefinedLodygowski2, A. Rusinek3
1Military University of Technology/PL, 2Poznan University of Technology/PL, 3Ecole National d’Engenieurs de Metz/FR


The Mini-Symposium is organized to gather researchers working on applications of computational mechanics in analyses, assessment of structures subjected to different kinds of impact/blast loadings and strengthening of structures under extreme loading. Papers will be focused on the following topics:

  1. mesh and meshless methods in analyses of structures subjected to extreme loadings/impacts, 
  2. computational methods in blast loading description, 
  3. numerical simulations in progressive collapse analysis, 
  4. computational methods in structural health assessment, 
  5. protection concepts and designs.


The Mini-Symposium is intended to present challenges and achievements in applications of computational and experimental mechanics in safety of structures.


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