MS125 Computational methods for generalised continua and higher order and multiscale homogenisations

undefinedC. Sansour1, S. Skatulla2, M. Hjiaj3
1University of Nottingham/UK, 2University of Cape Town/ZA, 3INSA/FR


Generalised continua are characterised by degrees of freedom which
go beyond classical displacement fields. They describe a micro
deformation of the continuum and provide so information generated at the micro level. Cosserat continua are one of the first formulations of such continua. They are characterised by a rotational field as the extra degrees of freedom. However, higher order gradients or deformational degrees of freedom such as in the case of the micromorphic continuum, have been also considered. These extra degrees of freedom or the higher gradients are strongly related to higher order homogenisations and multiscale methods.

This minisymposium aims to provide a forum for the discussion of computational approaches of the above formulations. Finite element methods as well as meshfree and isogeometric concepts are to be discussed. Homogenisation techniques and statistical methods and their relation to higher gradients and extra degrees of freedom are to be considered as well.


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