MS621 Computational damage mechanics of composites

undefinedJ.L. Curiel Sosa1, S.T. Pinho2
1Sheffield Hallam University/UK, 2Imperial College/UK


Computational damage mechanics of composites is still an area of growing interest, mainly because of the numerous problems associated to the irreversible thermodynamics process as well as the nonlinearity of mathematical methods proposed for modelling their behaviour. Currently, there are different paths followed by researchers that continue to progress year after year. These include progressive damage models, cohesive-interface elements for replicating fracture, models based on energy release rates or in holistic approaches, homogenization techniques, multi-scale, return mapping algorithms for undertaking realistic management of nonlinearities, henceforth.


This minisymposium aims to gather the latest developments in damage mechanics of laminated composites with special focus to innovative proposals.



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