MS101 Computational biomechanics

undefinedD.H. Pahr1, B.V. Rietbergen2, B. Markert3, P. Zysset1, C. Hellmich1, G.A. Holzapfel4

1Vienna University of Technology/AT, 2Eindhoven University of Technology/NL, 3University of Stuttgart/DE, 4Graz University of Technology/AT



Computational biomechanics of living tissue is an exiting and challenging field of mechanics in the 21th century. Multi scale and multi physics phenomena are dominating the behavior of such tissue. Mechanical modeling and computational simulation allow new insights as well as quantitative analyses from the molecular up to the organ level. Reliable predictions will lead to patient-specific simulations in the next decade to improve the diagnoses and treatment of diseases. The goal of this minisymposia is to bring together expert in related fields of computational biomechanics like bone mechanics and remodeling, multi scale methods in biomechanics, high performace computing of biological tissue, constitutive modeling, cardiovascular biomechanics, and porous media.


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