MS659 Co-simulation - quo vadis?

undefinedJ. Zehetner

Area Vehicle Electrics/Electronics and Software Kompetenzzentrum – Das Virtuelle Fahrzeug Forschungsgesellschaft mbH/AT


Over the years a lot of specific simulation tools have been established in all areas of science and engineering. These tools typically specialize on individual areas of expertise. There is very limited support for a heterogeneous simulation environment. The goal of “co-simulation” is to overcome this limitation and to merge the challenges from different areas. An important challenge in using co-simulation is the coupling of models with strong differing dynamic behavior. The additional quantization caused by the co-simulation leads to errors, which can force the co-simulation to diverge. Therefore so-called “co-simulation platforms” typically address problems from a specific area of expertise and a very restricted dynamic range.

This Mini-Symposium wants to address the relevant questions and answers on how the above mentioned problems can be solved and therefore on how co-simulation could influence the future product development processes.

The proposed Mini-Symposium focuses the theoretical and practical issues for all aspects of co-simulation including (but not limited to)



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