MS404 Automation of computational modeling by advanced software tools and techniques

undefinedJ. Korelc1, G.N. Wells2, D. Eyheramendy3, A. Logg4, H. Leclerc5
1University of Ljubljana/SI, 2University of Cambridge/UK, 3Ecole Centrale de Marseille/FR, 4Simula Research Laboratory/NO, 5L.M.T. Cachan/FR


Many advances in the reliability, generality and interdisciplinary nature of new computational methods developed in recent years can be attributed to a holistic approach to computational modeling, in which advanced software tools and techniques are combined with advanced numerical methods. The holistic approach is playing nowadays a central role in the process that leads to the goal of complete automation of computational modeling. The automated generation of computational models has been explored by researchers from the fields of mathematics, computer science and computational mechanics, resulting in a variety of approaches (e.g. object-oriented, domain specific languages and hybrid symbolic-numeric methods) and available software tools (e.g. symbolic and algebraic systems, automatic differentiation tools, problem solving environments and numerical libraries). Automation can address all steps of a finite element solution procedure from the strong form of a boundary-value problem to the visualisation of results, or it can be applied only to the automation of selected steps in a whole procedure.


This symposium will address the broad area of advanced software technologies for scientific computing, including:


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