MS122 Advances in smoothed finite element methods (SFEM)

undefinedM. Staat1, G.-R. Liu2, T.N. Tran3
1Aachen University of Applied Sciences/DE, 2University of Cincinnati/US, 3RWTH Aachen University/DE


The purpose of this mini-symposium is to bring together scientists and engineers from different fields to share advances and new findings in the formulation and implementation of the smoothed finite element methods (SFEM). These techniques have undergone rigorous research over the last five years and have been successfully applied to a variety of problems in science and engineering ranging from solid and fluid mechanics to acoustic fluid-structure interaction. Compared with original FEM, the SFEM achieves more accurate results and generally higher convergence rate in energy without increasing computational cost. More importantly, as no mapping or coordinate transformation is involved in the SFEM, its element is allowed to be of arbitrary shape. Hence the restriction on the shape bilinear isoparametric elements can be removed and problem domain can be discretized in more flexible ways.


Participation of researchers from different fields constitutes a valuable opportunity to consolidate and unify views and directions by sharing advances and new findings on the smoothed finite element methods.


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