MS204 Advances in computational methods for gas-liquid two-phase flow

undefinedB.-R. Shin1, T. Kajishima2
1Changwon National University/KR, 2Osaka University/JP


In this mini-symposium we would like to discuss recent advanced numerical methods for gas-liquid two-phase flow such as cavitating flow, free surface flow, bubbly flows, water vapor condensing flow, chemical reaction flow, contrail, etc. Physical/mathematical modeling for two-phase flow, phase change model deal with evaporation and condensation, numerical techniques based on Eularian and Lagragian method, VOF, level set, two-fluid and homogeneous model, upwinding strategies, numerical schemes for low Mach number flow including preconditioning will be considered. Also, numerical examples applied to engineering flow problem encountered in turbopumps for rocket propulsion systems, hydroturbines, industrial turbomachinery, hydrofoils, hydro-propulsion systems, fuel injectors, biomedical devices, fuel spray in internal combustion engines, sloshing tank and so on will be welcome.



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