MS100 Advances in computational dynamics of structures

undefinedC. Adam, H. Pradlwarter

University of Innsbruck/AT



In the recent decade, structural dynamics has emerged from a field of secondary importance to a field of primary interest in engineering practice. Reasons for this development are manifold: On the one hand, novel material and refined methods of structural analysis allow the construction of increasingly slender, and in many cases, more vibration-prone structures. On the other hand, the dynamic hazard has been underestimated in the past. Furthermore, refined and cost-effective dynamic measuring devices allow an efficient and yet realistic assessment of structures by means of methods based on structural dynamics. Simultaneously, this development goes along with an increasing demand on more accurate and more efficient computational methods in dynamics of structures providing the availability of faster computational resources. The objective of this Mini-Symposium is to provide a forum for the discussion of recent results and novel ideas on computational dynamics of structures. The topics to be covered will include, but not be limited to novel algorithms, experimental and computational modal analysis, probabilistic methods, damping, simplified mechanical modeling, and dynamic testing.


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