MS644 Advanced numerical solution of coupled porous media problems in energy-related geotechnical applications

undefinedS. Olivella1, J. Taron2
1UPC, Escola de Camins/ES, 2Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ/DE


For the purposes of implementation of sustainable environmental concepts, the geotechnical exploitation of the subsurface is of increasing interest for classical energies (waste disposal, CO2storage) as well as renewable energies (geothermics, energy storage). Processes proceed in a complex inhomogeneous geological environment comprising different kinds of saturated and unsaturated porous media. They are characterized by mutually interacting coupled physical (thermal, hydraulic, mechanical) and chemical transport and deformation phenomena, for which experimental accessibility is limited.


This mini-symposium addresses various aspects of the numerical simulation of multiphysics processes, which are typical for the above mentioned geotechnical applications. Numerical modeling is focused on process understanding, site characterization and predictive statements, including risk assessment. Speakers are invited to contribute to recent advances in: 

  1. Development of mixed numerical approaches (FD, FV, FE), including advanced coupling algorithms, 
  2. Numerical treatment of different length and time scales, 
  3. Software projects, 
  4. High Performance, 
  5. Computing and 3D scientific visualization aspects, 
  6. Benchmarking, and 
  7. Energy-related geotechnical applications.



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